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Used to secure railroad ties, landscaping timbers and thick members used in log home construction. Hot-galvanized smooth shank. Thick shank provides superior holding power.


It’s a temporary rolled erosion control products compose of agricultural wheat straw mechanically stich bonded on maximum of two-inch center to a top and bottom netting. Common Uses Quality control to ensure a uniform thickness of Mulch application.


Single Net Straw erosion control blankets are made 100% if weed free agricultural straw and light weight polypropylene to netting with photodegradable stitching on 2′. Common Uses Excellent erosion fabric use on slopes up to 3:1 and low flow channels. Each blanket provides 100 sq. yd of protection.

Erosion Control

Sod Staples 6″ Box


Sod Staples for Erosion blankets and fabric. Common Uses 6” staples are perfect for installing and securing erosion control.

Erosion Control

Straw Bale


Excellent use for mulch, keeping the soil moist and preventing the top layer from getting too dry. Straw can also crush weeds and will compost over time improves the soil and protects your plants from drought stress and weeds.


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